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Cookie Dough Fundraising Program

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

We are pleased to offer you Chippery's line of gourmet cookie dough. Chippery prides themselves on being able to provide the finest possible product with the best service in the industry. It's not surprising to learn that cookie dough is one of the fastest growing fundraisers in the country. These cookies are not only scrumptious, but can help your group raise a lot of dough! Simply thaw, scoop, form and bake. Available in a variety of delicious flavors.

Easy Fundraiser

Call Firstway Fundraising @ 1-800-347-7892 & order 1 FREE cookie dough pre-sale flyer for each member of your group. For printable flyers, click here.

Run your fundraiser for 2-3 weeks collecting $12 for each tub of cookie dough you pre-sell. Your goal should be to pre-sell 10-20 Tubs of cookie dough per member of your group!

Call Firstway Fundraising and place your cookie dough order. Your cost will depend on the amount of tubs ordered. The rest of the money you collected is your profit to keep!

Cookie Dough Profit Percentage

*100 tub minimum

Quantities Ordered
+ Bonus Profit
Total Profit
100 - 199 Tubs
200 - 335 Tubs
336 - 749 Tubs
750 - 1249 Tubs
1250 - 4999 Tubs
5000 + Tubs

*Please see the chart above to determine your profit. Firstway Fundraising can take your order with a check by phone, credit card or check. Finally, determine a delivery location for your cookie dough and notify everyone who ordered of the time and place. A good location is a school or restaurant with a large refrigerator.

You will receive 1 FREE Scratch & Help® booklet worth $100 for every $500 in commission you earn. Use your Scratch & Help® booklet with your Cookie Dough Fundraiser to earn up to 70 Profit! To learn more about the Scratch & Help® Bonus click HERE

You can learn more about Scratch & Help® by visiting

*Scratch Cards Delivered separately.

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Fundraising TipAny group or team that has runs a fund raising program knows that fund raising takes some time. Look for a fund raising program that doesn't require too much time. Many fund raising programs require you to take an order then to deliver the fund raising product a couple weeks later. We call this doubling  your fund raising efforts. Some other fund raising products have such low sales prices like lollipops that you must sell 100's to be able to hit your fund raising goal. With the Scratch & Help fund raising program, it takes 20-25 donors to complete a fundraising booklet which raises $100! It takes an average of 1.5 hours of fund raising time to complete 1 fund raising booklet. That makes your fund raising fast and at 100% profit it also makes you fund raising very highly profitable.