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Discount Card Fundraising Program

The Fundraising Card has taken the U.S. by storm. It is a multiple use discount card that allows your donors to save hundreds of dollars for only $10.00. At a whopping 65% profit, it also makes it one of the most profitable fundraisers available.

The Fundraising Card is typically a 2 for 1 card, most popular with pizza restaurants. The card can be presented 20 times for a 'buy one get one free' or any other discount offer that the merchant provides. The merchant simply scratches off a circle for each time the card is used.

  • Sign up the merchant:
    Simply sign up the merchant(s) of your choice with this form.

  • Simply fax in your local merchant agreements to
    1-800-987-2320 and we'll set it up for you.

    What makes us different? The Fundraising Card is colorful, attractive and is of highest quality. It also comes with free Scratch & Help cards that will increase your profit up to an amazing 90%! Our minimum order size is also only 50 cards!

    The Fundraising Card

    Profit Chart
       Number of Participants     
    You will Raise *Scratch Cards Cost Your Profit
    $ +$ -$ =$

    Special Promotion!! Get 5% bonus cards when you pay by credit card or C.O.D. which can raise your profits to as high as 90% coupled with the promotion detailed below!

    *Scratch Cards: For every 50 Fundraising Cards you purchase, you will receive 1 FREE Scratch&Help® Booklet capable of raising $100 per booklet. For more information on the Scratch&Help Fundraiser®, Click Here

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    Fundraising TipAny group or team that has runs a fund raising program knows that fund raising takes some time. Look for a fund raising program that doesn't require too much time. Many fund raising programs require you to take an order then to deliver the fund raising product a couple weeks later. We call this doubling  your fund raising efforts. Some other fund raising products have such low sales prices like lollipops that you must sell 100's to be able to hit your fund raising goal. With the Scratch & Help fund raising program, it takes 20-25 donors to complete a fundraising booklet which raises $100! It takes an average of 1.5 hours of fund raising time to complete 1 fund raising booklet. That makes your fund raising fast and at 100% profit it also makes you fund raising very highly profitable.