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Scratch Card Fundraising Program

Scratch & Help is the fastest and most profitable fundraiser for your team or group, profiting you up to a whopping 100% profit!

Each Scratch & Help card (booklet) is personalized with your group's logo and has a coupon pad inside with great coupon offers from: Pizza Hut, TCBY, Mrs. Field's cookies, BLIMPIE, JC Penney as a 'thank you' to your donors.

Here's how it works
Each member of your fund raising group receives a customized Scratch & Help fund raising card (booklet) with your team name and logo. The fund raising booklet has 50 scratch off circles with hidden donation amounts ranging from $.50 to $3.00 in easy to add increments of 25 cents. (i.e. $0.50, $0.75, $1.00, $1.25 etc...)

Your fund raising members approach friends, family and neighbors asking them to scratch two or more circles for their donation amount. In return, the donor receives a sheet of valuable coupons from our sponsors (8 coupons per sheet) as a 'thank you' for their fund raising contribution. Your group member then takes the booklet and continues asking other people to scratch and donate until it is completely uncovered. Once all circles have been scratched off, the fund raising booklet produces $100 in donations.

It's as easy as 1-2-3! See below for illustration:

Scratch&Help Fundraising

Scratch&Help Fundraising
Scratch&Help Fundraising

Profit Chart
   Number of Participants     
You will Raise Bonus Cards Cost Your Profit
$ +$ -$ =$

Each fundraising scratch card booklet produces $100.00 in donations of which $80.00 is retained by your group. That's 80% profit!! With this month's promotion you can get a bonus of 10% extra free booklets, bringing your profit up to 90%.

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Fundraising TipAny group or team that has runs a fund raising program knows that fund raising takes some time. Look for a fund raising program that doesn't require too much time. Many fund raising programs require you to take an order then to deliver the fund raising product a couple weeks later. We call this doubling  your fund raising efforts. Some other fund raising products have such low sales prices like lollipops that you must sell 100's to be able to hit your fund raising goal. With the Scratch & Help fund raising program, it takes 20-25 donors to complete a fundraising booklet which raises $100! It takes an average of 1.5 hours of fund raising time to complete 1 fund raising booklet. That makes your fund raising fast and at 100% profit it also makes you fund raising very highly profitable.