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  •   Spinners® is the World's First Re-Usable Fundraiser.
  •   Earn an Average of $210 Per Group Member!
  •   Earn up to 97.6% profit!
  •   No Money Up Front Needed!
  •   Over 50 Years Of Combined Fundraising Experience!
  •   Spinners® is Patent Pending.

    ABC Fundraising® and The First Way Fundraising Group are proud to introduce Spinners®, a brand new fundraiser that can be used year after year and earn up to 97.6% Profit - Absolutely Guaranteed!

    With over 50 years of combined fundraising experience, we set out to create a fundraiser that groups can use over and over without having to purchase new products each time. The Spinners® fundraising product is the size of a standard DVD and is made of durable high quality plastic and won't perish, melt or fade.

    Wouldn't you love to keep almost all of the money you raise instead of splitting your profits with a candy bar or magazine company? With our new Spinners® fundraising program, not only can you profit up to 97.6%, but you can also use it over and over raising an unlimited amount of money!

    For example with 30 members, you will raise on average $6300 of which $5550 is your net profit. The following year or next fundraising campaign you will raise the same $6300 however your net profit will be as much as $6150!! (see profit chart for details)

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    This is the fundraiser the chocolate bar companies don't want you to know about!
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    Fundraising TipAny group or team that has runs a fund raising program knows that fund raising takes some time. Look for a fund raising program that doesn't require too much time. Many fund raising programs require you to take an order then to deliver the fund raising product a couple weeks later. We call this doubling  your fund raising efforts. Some other fund raising products have such low sales prices like lollipops that you must sell 100's to be able to hit your fund raising goal. With the Scratch & Help fund raising program, it takes 20-25 donors to complete a fundraising booklet which raises $100! It takes an average of 1.5 hours of fund raising time to complete 1 fund raising booklet. That makes your fund raising fast and at 100% profit it also makes you fund raising very highly profitable.